What to wear to your next branding photoshoot

How to rock your next branding photoshoot and level up your real estate business

You might ask, “Why do I need branding photos?” In these days of social media, having a strong brand has never been more important. People want to see your face and learn what you’re all about. Getting high quality professional photos will help your audience connect with you and ultimately get them pumped to work with you in the future.

Nothing speaks to your brand more than how you dress. We’ve taken our years of experience as photographers/self-appointed stylists and compiled a few simple rules for you at your next photoshoot.

1. Think about texture. A little bit of texture goes a long way to add visual interest! Think linen, knit, silk, etc. Clothes that move and flow are your friend.
2. Wear layers. Layering your clothing is an easy way to get different looks from the same photoshoot. Feel free to add or remove sweaters, scarves, and accessories.
3. Feel confident! We tell our clients, “If you feel uncomfortable, it looks uncomfortable.” So our go-to tip is to wear something that you just feel completely badass rockstar in.

1. Wear intense color. We love color in a photoshoot, but some hues may actually kill your photo vibe. Avoid neon as well as super busy patterns as they can drown out your skin tone or take the focus away from your bright and smiling face.
2. Wear very thin stripes. Stripes are the best. But cameras mixed with computer screens tend to do a crazy optical illusion with super thin stripes that can hurt the eyes. If you’re going with stripes, make sure they are medium to chunky stripes.
3. Wear type and graphics. Remember those shirts in the 90’s/2000’s from places like Gap and Abercrombie that just said “GAP” across the chest real big? It may still be your favorite t-shirt to wear out and about, but for your brand shoot it will not translate well.

Some rules are meant to be broken, right? If you’re the king or queen of neon and it totally goes with your message, WEAR IT! You can definitely take our advice with a grain of salt.

Ava and Brittany

April 20, 2021


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